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Undergraduate Research & Creative Endeavors Travel Award


These guidelines are designed to assist undergraduate students at Eastern Kentucky University who wish to present their research and creative projects at regional, national, or international conferences. These awards are given for scholarly presentations at professional conferences, rather than student conferences. Awards will also be granted for artistic performances or exhibitions at professional venues.


1. Review Committee

a.       The Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (URCE) Committee shall be responsible for reviewing applications for student travel reimbursement awards administered.

b.      The composition of the committee and the procedures for the election, appointment, and replacement of its members are based on those appointed by the URCE Director.

c.       A committee member shall recuse himself/herself when an application for Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Travel Award has been submitted by her/his mentored student, or her/his immediate family member.


2. Application Process for Presenting at Professional Conferences

a.       Work with a mentor to complete a project and find appropriate professional conferences.

b.      If the presentation is accepted at a conference, complete the Travel Award application found at submit the application and the acceptance letter from the conference organizers to the URCE Director. The application must be accompanied with an official notice that the presentation has been accepted, and a letter of support from the faculty mentor.

c.       Submitted applications will be reviewed and up to ten candidates per year will be chosen. Applicants will be notified of the decision soon after the deadline.  Applicants receiving the travel award may register for the conference and make travel and lodging arrangements. These expenses should be charged to the department of the student’s major, rather than by the student. The student should discuss this with the chair of the department before making any purchases.

d.      The student and mentor should review the EKU Travel Regulations at

e.       At least one week prior to departure, the student must complete a Request for Out-of-State Travel Application and submit that to the Accounting Office. The application can be found here:

f.       The student must attend and present at the conference, retain any receipts from the conference registration, travel, parking and lodging. The student must also retain her/his name badge from the conference.

g.      The student will submit the documentation of expenses, receipts and name badge to their major department’s administrative assistant, as well as a completed Travel Expense Voucher, which can be downloaded at Student must complete the most up-to-date voucher form.

h.      The administrative assistant of the department will then scan and email the receipts, conference badge, and completed Travel Expense Voucher to the URCE Director.

i.        The URCE Director will then complete and submit an Account Transfer form to reimburse the student’s major department.


3. Application Requirements (click here to access the application)

a.       All full-time and part-time undergraduate students are welcome to apply for the Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Travel Award that are presenting at regional, national, or international professional conferences.

b.      Subject to availability of funds, awards will normally be made ten times each academic year in the amount of up to $500, twice in the fall semester, twice in the spring semester, and once in the summer semesters.

c.       Proposals may be submitted at any time, but to ensure consideration for fall awards, proposals must be submitted by November 1st. To ensure consideration for spring awards, proposals must be submitted by February 15.  To ensure consideration for summer awards, proposals must be submitted by June 15.

d.      Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Travel Award Proposals must be submitted to the Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors coordinator, using the application form located under the Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Travel Award link ( For an application to be considered, all information required in the application form must be provided. Documentation of the presentation/exhibition should be included (e.g. letter of acceptance for a presentation, copy of appropriate section of the official program or exhibit catalog, venue, dates, and receipts for travel and stay).

e.       For conferences that occur late in the semester, after the deadline, it is possible that students may apply for the Travel Award the following semester.

f.       It is expected that proposals will be reviewed and supported by the student’s mentor. Proposals not supported by the student’s mentor may still be considered, depending on the circumstances. Mentors must provide a written statement in support of the student’s project.

g.      Proposals must state purpose, estimated amount, and dates for the requested funding and have all documentation attached to the form.

h.      Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Travel Award funds must be used in the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) in which the award is made. Requests for reimbursements should be submitted as soon as the activity is completed.

i.        Students with activities occurring after July 1 but before awards are made for the new fiscal year may apply for Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Travel Award in the fall semester.

j.        The amount of the awards will vary depending on factors such as funds available, number of proposals received, and the type of conference/venue attended.

k.      Preference will be given to students with first authorship, and based on the scope of the conference (e.g., national conference presentations will be deemed higher in quality than regional conference presentations).


4. Changes in Guidelines

a.       Proposed changes in the guidelines may be submitted to the URCE Director.

b.      Proposed changes in the guidelines must be approved by the Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Committee prior to the beginning of the academic year in which they are to take effect.


Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Director

Dr. Jonathan Gore

Cammack 116

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